9 Tips On Turning Vision Into Reality

Some say dreams and dreams are similar but not the same. And do you know the difference between the two? Next is the explanation:

A dream is something, a dream is to do something. Dreams are the place you want, dreams are the destination. In other words, dreams are more structured, intentional, timeless, and embedded in everyday life, more than just wishful thinking. This is the secret of transforming mortal dreams into tangible results. Here are six habits that can help turn dreams into reality:

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Visualization is a technique of creating what you want from life using the power of imagination. With visualization can help someone to convert dreams into possible future. Like a sports athlete, they use visualization to inspire them to success and lead to competitive activities. Visualization is also widely used by business people to make goals and give aspirations to themselves.

Make Priority
Having a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve can help you prioritize your dreams. “The highest goal”, is the way to start working strategically with your dreams. The purpose should have a degree of emphasis, not also eliminated from the present reality which would make the dream impossible to achieve. Can be described as a rubber band, which does not have a degree of tension in this case with the same emphasis, if stretched excessively it can bully the skin and cause pain. Improving goals that are challenging, but not necessarily impossible, will motivate us to work toward our dreams.

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Set the Warning Stone
When you start with the end of your mind and set an action plan, you can start working backwards and set a series of temporary goals which will push you forward. Like a mountain climber, who doesn’t start climbing from the foot of the mountain. But they are looking for a place to start climbing.

Monitor Progress
One of the benefits of a structured goal and vision is that you can clearly see how each of your actions and efforts can advance you. This helps you to get motivated while dreaming, on the other hand is a confusing subconscious to know and how to get the principle from dreams.

Following Support
In reality, goal-oriented dreams are resistant to negative things and encourage people’s desire to tell about their dreams. By sharing your goals and aspirations, you can understand their aspirations, priorities, and contributions to your success.

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Knowing When to Give Up
In motivating stories, we can achieve whatever is on our minds and make our dreams come true, but the achievement of dreams is also related to reality now. Unrealistic dreams will consume your energy, time and creativity.

Have intention
Surely humans are destined on this earth to be good leaders, of course being a good leader is a must have intention.

What is the intention like? That intention can not only be said, the intention is in the deepest heart, for example: I want to have a GPA above 3, for example, the intention is more or less the intention is like our Vision of life.
Then after the intention has been left we do the action, in a life if we do not move, life is definitely not going right. Therefore, humans are created to move and do something.

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Write down your wishes on paper

Write your wishes on paper and stick them on the wall of your room, why should we write our dreams? so that at a later time one day our desires and dreams that we write on the paper are just a writing.

The writing that we have and have achieved all our desires, and besides that we write it on the wall so that we remember when we were lazy lazy to be able to see the paper, that it turns out we have very big dreams, dreams that make this country progress.

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Praying is the most important thing
Pray for the true creator He is the one who grants. It is as high as our desires and ideals, if we are not both will be useless. Because the power of prayer is the most important thing, if we have done the action already working hard but do not do prayer, then gradually our dreams will never materialize, and vice versa.

Maybe that’s all I can write today, I hope my friends all read and I beg you to ask for criticism and suggestions because I’m only a beginner writer who can’t write well, sorry if the writing I made is still messy

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