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Of course everyone wants him to succeed. Success can be defined for those who have many assets or high positions. For example officials, successful entrepreneurs or famous people. But success is not only seen from these two sides. Success is more appropriate when defined when a person can achieve what he wants.

Being successful is certainly not easy. We need to make a great effort so that the desire can be realized. You need basic capital, namely hard skills and soft skills. Hard skill is a technical ability that is in someone. You can get hard skills through the learning process. While for soft skills itself is the ability of someone in controlling themselves and others. So, your success will be maximum when you can combine the two.

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A combination of hard skills and soft skills, for example when you drive a car. The ability to drive a car is a hard skill obtained when studying. And the role of soft skill when you face congestion, people who cross suddenly, and so on. According to the research at Hardvard University, 80% of a person’s success is determined by soft skills and 20% by hard skills.

It can be seen that a person’s soft skills are very important to have. The soft skill form that is planted in yourself is self-confidence, the ability to cooperate with other people, hard-working people, optimistic, not afraid to fail, not afraid of design and many more, soft skill main things that must be possessed are able to adapt to the environment. Because if you have the nature and attitude above but can’t adapt to the environment, it’s all in vain.

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Success that must be fought for

  • Spiritual. As humans who become God’s creations, of course all humans are obliged to obey their Lord according to their religious beliefs. For example in Islam, you are obliged to shahada, perform prayers 5 times, fast in the month of Ramadan, pay zakat and pilgrimage if you can. If obligations are fulfilled, you can do some extinctions in Islam. If someone has obeyed his obligations, that person can be said to have been spiritually successful
  • Financial. Talking about finance, of course related to wealth and wealth. Even though money is not everything, all people need it to make ends meet. You can see financial success from brilliant careers, luxury homes, luxury cars, having future savings and so forth.
  • Family. The most important success is success in the family. Everyone certainly wants a happy and harmonious family. Success in the family, for example, the household that is faced runs harmoniously without any big work, having a child who is filial and pious, harmonious with neighbors and so on.
  • Health. The fourth success is health success. No matter how rich someone is, if you experience pain, of course everything feels bad. So, success in health is certainly an important thing. To get this health, you can do it with exercise, maintain your diet, get enough rest, think positively and occasionally take a vacation to calm your mind.
  • Social. The last success is success in social terms. With the nature of people who cannot live alone, certainly social becomes something that must be adjusted well. You can build social success following social activities in the environment, making friends with people, working with colleagues, and others.
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Secrets of Being a Successful Person

Besides there are five successes that must be fought for, you also need to know someone’s secret in order to succeed quickly. Here are some secrets that you should look at.

  • Be confident in yourself
    The secret of success that has the most important person is that they are confident in themselves. If someone is not sure of himself and attaches importance to what others are talking about, surely he will not succeed. You have to convince yourself that you can achieve what you want. To foster this sense of confidence, you can read motivational books or study with people who have high achievement and knowledge.
  • Practicing Confidence
    Confidence can be grown quickly. One way is to do something you need preparation. If preparation is mature and mastery of skills in their field, your confidence will grow on its own.
  • Remove Negative Thoughts
    The thing you have to do to be successful is that you have to be able to erase negative thoughts. Because one success comes from the ability to master yourself. Not a few people doubt themselves to lose their identity. That is what causes a person to succeed.
    Inviting Others to Create Profitable Situations
    In achieving success, of course you cannot do it alone. You need other people to help you to achieve success. For that, you need to work with other people and achieve your dreams. If you cooperate successfully, of course what you want will be more quickly achieved.
  • Dare to Succeed
    One sense that must exist in the soul of a successful person is brave. Daring does not mean not having fear. You can define how dare you want to do something you want to achieve by fighting that fear. You have to be brave to act and dare to survive when you have taken the decision to achieve something. Dare to act there will be if you believe in the ability you have. Then dare to act will appear if you have the desire to succeed.
  • Learn from mistakes
    Everyone must have made a mistake. Especially when we want to achieve something. In order not to repeat mistakes like the first, you must learn from these mistakes. So when you want to achieve something again, you don’t fall into the same hole.
  • Have hope
    Someone must have hope. With hope, you will dare to fight to achieve dreams. Not a few people who retreat because they feel hopeless. Therefore, you must have good people who can provide enthusiasm and hope every day.
  • Focus on objectives
    In order for your dreams to be achieved quickly, you must be able to focus on the goal. When you focus on your goals, you will be motivated to do things that lead to success. The more you have clear goals and focus on those goals, the stronger your commitment to achieving those goals.
  • Loving the Process
    In achieving something desired, of course we have to go through a process. In the process sometimes there are failures that make us discouraged. But in that failure, we should not back down. What we need to do is love the process. Whether failure or success in it. By growing a sense of love in it, we will be easier to achieve dreams.
  • Dare to Act
    Having interesting ideas but not daring to do so is certainly a pity. For that, don’t waste time imagining it. But it is also accompanied by action.
  • Honest in Acting
    In doing something, of course there will be consequences for each. When someone does a good action they will get a good reward. Whereas someone who does bad things will get a bad reward. For example, get a punishment. For that, in achieving dreams do it with honest action. Although on the way to failure, it is still honored with your honesty.
  • Have a Business Network
    To make it easier for you to achieve your dreams, you have to have a lot of business networks. By building cooperation with other parties, you will help each other in achieving success.
  • Embracing both parents
    Success that you can certainly not be easily achieved without the prayers of both parents. For that, in reaching your goals, ask for prayer and blessing from both parents. Even if you don’t ask the brand to pray for it

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When brooding about the inequality between people that surmount life’s challenges, and other people United Nations agency keep stuck, I see some essential variations. The one that will dream once their dream gets shattered, typically contains a belief in an exceedingly higher divine supply, that is in and of itself guiding their life. additionally, this person has created the numerous call to maneuver out of isolation and connect with humanity in how, in order that they’re not alone.

The external support of friends and family will create a major contribution for uplifting somebody to like themselves enough to enhance their life circumstances. Positive amendment may also happen once one moves on the far side sorrow, apathy associate degreed worry and faucets into an awareness of their innate vitality and association to their infinite supply at intervals.

Now is the time to come to life and embody your potential! now could be the time to maneuver on the far side the establishment and skill the liberty that comes once one faces their fears and slays them with spunky acts of religion. I invite you to contemplate what your challenges to success ar and to let yourself dream once more.

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